Turn a Onesie into an Owl Costume (no sew)

Yesterday’s owl adult owl costume was so fun and creative. How awesome would it be to make a matching owl costume for your little one? Jessica turned an upcycled onesie into an adorable owl costume for her daughter and we also love that it is no-sew!

Be sure to check out Jessica’s tutorial at The Mom Creative. Are you excited for Halloween? 



Turn A T-Shirt Into a One-Shoulder Top – No Sewing!

Anne wanted a one-shoulder top for a Saturday night … and came up with this brilliant, no-sew inspiration. You, too, can take a t-shirt, and using her cut-here details, make a sophisticated yet flirty one-shoulder top for those warm nights out!

No Sew, One Shoulder Shirt. DIY at Wobisobi