Pleated Skirt to Pleated Dress!

Loving the pleated dress look but unwilling to drop hundreds of dollars on one? (Of course! That’s why you’re on this site!). Sarah found the same inspiration from a Burberry dress, but kindly shared with us how we, too, can make one. Check out the tutorial (and see another example of a dress made using Sarah’s instructions here.


DIY-Pleated Dress at Welcome To The gOOd Life!

Turn a Pleated Skirt into a Gorgeous Dress

Sarah at Welcome to the Good Life was rummaging around in her mother’s closet and found a pleated skirt. And the genius part is Sarah turned it into an amazing dress based on a $740 one dress she loved from — Burberry!!

AND, she won a design contest at Shabby Apple for this idea. Congratulations Sarah!!

Check out the amazing tutorial at Welcome to the Good Life!