Men’s Tee to open backed top

refashioned tshirt open back

I love when menswear is refashioned for women’s wear. They can be sporty, casual or feminine. Here’s another tutorial that starts with flipping the shirt around to be backwards and it totally works!

Open Back tshirt refashion from Cotton & Curls

Oversized Polo Refashion

refashioned polo skirt merricks art


From a mens oversized polo shirt to this trendy number??? Love it!!! You can create the same look by first wearing the skirt backwards! Yup! that’s right! Get all the details!

Oversized Polo Refashion to womans top from Merricks Art

Make a Woman’s Bow Shirt from a Men’s Polo Shirt!

Lisa got a brand-new-but-never-worn polo shirt from her father-in-law … and with some ingenuity, seam picking and sewing, refashioned this cute striped top with a perfect bow collar.

We love it — and we can imagine this as both a long top and, if the shirt’s big enough, even a summer dress!

Men’s Polo To Woman’s Bow Shirt Refashion at Grey Luster Girl