DIY handbag refashion with Mans Tie

At the beginning of the month Jen and I issued our tween age daughters to a REfashion challenge! We gave them some Men’s ties and let them run with their creativity!

My daughter Molly created a Refashion for girls her age and is excited to share it today!

Tween DIY bag refashion



Man’s Tie

(sewing machine/glue gun: optional)

Iron on Decal from Plaid

handbag refashion

 Step 1: Cut the strap off the handbag. We made sure we bought a handbag that only had one strap and metal loops for the refashion.

handbag refashion 2

Step 2: We used the Mans tie as the new strap and adjusted the length that would hang perfectly on her. To secure the strap you can either tie a knot at each end, fold it over and sew it or fold it over and hot glue it. Choose the option that’s best for you and be sure to ask your mom first if needed!

DIY handbag steps

Step 3: Follow the package instruction for your iron on decal – place, iron and you are done!!

iron on decal refashion


diy handbag refashion 2

diy handbag refashion

I’ll be giving her monthly REFASHION challenges and she’s be sharing them here! So grab your girls and create along with us! and of course – send us a picture of what you create or your questions!!! 🙂 xo

Painted Designer Purse Knockoff

I’ve seen plenty of designer bags that I would LOVE to have. Sadly, the price is never right. I can’t afford to pay thousands for a purse, and most people can’t. Charley has a great tutorial for getting the Miu Miu bag look for less. The base was an old purse, and she did a little refashioning with some fabric paint and a good eye. She has other tutorials that will inspire you to get the look for less as well. Visit Charley below to see them.

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