Suede Skirt to Stylish Envelope Purse!


Veronika found a large piece of suede — formerly a wrap skirt — at a thrift store. In an inspired piece of refashion style, she combined it with Ikea placemats for a liner and chain from Lowe’s (!) for the strap. See what she did and be inspired for your own unexpected refashion!

DIY: Suede Skirt to Envelope Purse at Tick Tock Vintage

Make A Unique Tote from a Vintage Pillowcase!

Why settle for a tote bag that anyone can have … when Cass can show you how to make a one-of-a-kind, durable, lined tote from a vintage pillowcase? And now you have one more thing to look for at garage sales, thrift stores, and so on — you can make one for every outfit!

Tutorial: Lined Vintage Pillowcase Bag at Cass Can Sew