DIY girls Unicorn costume

diy unicorn costume


I LOVE costumes that use a hoodie or sweatsuit as the base and then gets refashioned into an awesome WARM costume for kids! To kick off this month of sharing DIY Refashioned Halloween costumes why not start off magical? This Unicorn will have you seeing the potential of a hoodie! more to come….

DIY Unicorn cosutme from Twin DragonFly Designs

Makeover a Hoodie With Pretty Fabric

Revamp a hoodie

This post by Bonnie excited me because I TOO have a hoodie I love – several, if you must know. In fact, hoodies are my uniform now that I work at home. I love that Bonnie dressed hers up with fabric by lining the hood and adding the bright drawstring. This takes your typical sweatshirt from day to night! Okay, not really, but the revamp definitely kicks it up a notch. Learn how she did it at her blog.

A Hoodie Makeover at Uncommon

Hoodie Becomes a Sweatshirt With Heart

I love hoodies, because they are so comfortable. Who doesn’t? But what I don’t love about hoodies is that the sometimes look frumpy, including the hood. On occasion they bunch up around the neck and aren’t . . . sexy. By any means. This conversion turned a hoodie into something worth wearing, and the little heart makes it super CUTE. I really love it, and I know I can find a hooded sweatshirt at my local thrift store for next to nothing.

Hoodie Sweatshirt Refashion at La Vie en Rose