Painted Designer Purse Knockoff

I’ve seen plenty of designer bags that I would LOVE to have. Sadly, the price is never right. I can’t afford to pay thousands for a purse, and most people can’t. Charley has a great tutorial for getting the Miu Miu bag look for less. The base was an old purse, and she did a little refashioning with some fabric paint and a good eye. She has other tutorials that will inspire you to get the look for less as well. Visit Charley below to see them.

Oh Miu Miu’s Stars! at Chic Cheat

Bag From Leather Shirt Sleeve

refashion a purse from a leather sleeve

Perhaps your husband wants what is commonly referred to as a “manbag” or “satchel.” Let’s face it – it’s a purse. When you refashion a leather sleeve into a purse for the gentleman in your life, just don’t call it that. Tell him you made him a leather handbag and send him on his merry way. And then smile to yourself, because you know better. Visit Heather to get the tutorial.

Make a Purse From a Leather Shirt Sleeve at Dollar Store Crafts