DIY girls Cat costume

diy cat costume


This costume gets refashioned from a hooded sweater vest!!! I love that it’s not your traditional black cat look! It’s a fun way to be different!

DIY girls Cat Costume from OakRose Mama

Turn a Boy’s Wardrobe Into Girl’s Clothing

refashioned cardigan and skirt

Boys grow so quickly don’t they? Sometimes they grow so quickly that they’ve barely worn something before you have to get rid of it. But these tutorials from Nike are so great because they demonstrate that you don’t really have to – just refashion! Nike turned a sweater into a cardigan, pants into a skirt and a henley into a pretty tee. The twist? The refashions turned everything into girl’s clothing. You’re going to love what she did; visit her blog to see more pictures and how she did it.

BOYS hand-me-downs refashioned to make GIRLS outfits at Thrive

Turn a Man’s Sweater Into a Child’s Sweater Vest

man's sweater to child's sweater vest

I was completely amazed when I saw this tutorial by Dana – but what really amazed me is how easy it is! I assumed there would be all sorts of complicated construction required, but no . . . you simply cut the sweater to the shape using another sweater, then add binding. If you have some basic sewing skills, you can do this. Visit Dana to see how it was done!

Child’s Sweater Vest From an Old Sweater at MADE

Beautify an Old Cardigan With Lace

refashioned Anthropologie inspired lace sweater

There are so many things I love about this sweater – how Jennifer found the base at a thrift store for $1 . . . and how she dyed the lace with acrylic paint . . . and how she was inspired by a pretty Anthropologie sweater (and I like her finished item better!). It may be hot where you are and you might not be ready to think “sweater weather,” but it’s coming soon, and this lil’ guy has short sleeves. It’s perfect for fall!

Anthropologie Inspired Brushed Lace Cardigan at Two Butterflies