Make a Squeezebox Top Out of T-Shirts

Refashioned squeezebox top

I love it when bloggers attempt something they see and it works out! This top is the perfect example of an idea gone completely right (no craftfails here!), and a designer inspired top results. And the inspiration is from one of my favorite stores ever. I bet it’s yours too! Visit the post to see what store I’m talking about and to also find out how this fancy top was made.

Squeezebox Top Tutorial at U-Create

Turn a T-Shirt Into Comfy Lounge Pants

refashioned t-shirt to lounge pants

I’m one of “those lounge pants people.” If I can get away with it, I wear them all day – and if I can REALLY get away with it, I might even wear them to the grocery store! With shoes, of course. Haha! Being a lounge pants lover, I appreciate this refashion from Kristin. I have quite a few old t-shirts that might qualify, and maybe I could even patch them together to make adult pants. Either way, the children’s ones are cute. Visit her for the tutorial.

Refashion a T-Shirt Into Comfy Lounge Pants at Kojo Designs

Floaty Clouds T-Shirt Refashion

floaty clouds top refashion

I’ve always been amazed that you can cut the sleeves off a t-shirt and it doesn’t fall apart (unravel). I know, that’s kind of funny, but it’s true! This t-shirt was cut into a tank and then embroidered to make floaty clouds, which gives it a unique and funky look that I just love. Visit the tutorial to see how it was done!

Make Your Own “Floaty Clouds” Top at Drummbellina