Amazing Prom Dress Upcycle

refashioned prom dress

This is one of my favorite refashions ever – not just because it’s cool, but because it was done by a teenager! It’s so fun that she bought her own dress from the vintage shop and then altered it to be the beautiful prom dress you see on the right. She makes it sounds easy – visit the blog to read about how it was done.

Prom Dress: Vintage Upcycle at The View From In Here

Raise a Dress Hem And Go From Drab to Fab!

Katherine found this cute railroad print dress at a thrift store for $5.99 — but its nearly-to-the-floor hem made it look dowdy. She simply lifted the them, and bingo, this thrift store find went from drab to fab. We love the simple makeover of just raising a hem — it helped us see thrift store finds in a new light!

From drab to fab! at Thrifted Things