Little Girls’ Shirt Dress

Girls' dress refashion

I tried shirring (sewing with elastic thread) one time on my little Kenmore Mini Ultra sewing machine, and it was a bust. The poor little machine just couldn’t handle it! But I could tell that if it had worked, it would have been cool. And this little dress made from a man’s shirt solidifies that. It’s so darling, and perfect for summer, which is close around the corner. The tutorial is easy to follow, and if you’ve never tried shirring, it’s easier than it looks (just use the right machine!).

Shirred Shirt Dress at Homemade Lovely

Refashion a Shirt Into a Vest

Dip-dyeing is huge in fashion right now – but what if you find a dip-dyed shirt at the thrift store that isn’t “quite” what you had in mind? That is exactly what happened to Kasey, so she turned the dip-dyed shirt into a fashionable vest. It’s fun, funky and would look fabulous with a white t-shirt. Goodbye to the rhinestone trim and hello to a unique clothing piece!

Refashion Shirt Into Vest at My Life on the Divide

How to Make a Thrifted Shirt Fit Correctly

refashioning a thrift store blouse

I wish that I could better see the potential of a blouse at the thrift store. Christie from A Lemon Squeezy Home did this guest post for Cheri, and look at the transformation! I never would have guessed that the shirt on the right came from the one on the left – brilliant! Visit the post to see more images (it looks totally sassy with a belt!) and get the full tutorial.

Refashionista at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar