Custom DIY Tom’s shoes

toms refashion

Refashion isn’t always about just making it unique – sometimes out of necessity a great project is born! See why these got refashioned and get the low down on how you can recreate the process!

Custom DIY Tom’s Refashion from Under the Sycamore

Sand and Sea Shoe Refashion

sand and sea shoe refashion

When you find shoes at the Goodwill that you can actually do something with, it’s a huge score. I love that Rachel got these shoes and did an entire Anthropologie knock-off for under $10 – saving over $90! I actually prefer these over the original because they don’t have the heel. You’re going to love Rachel’s tutorial, so check it out.

Sand and Sea Shoes at Bubbly Nature Creations

Gray Makeover: Add Fabric to Sneakers

I love New Balance tennis shoes – they are the comfy-est things around! Some of the colors are a bit drab, however, so I love it that Barbara decided to spice them up with a bit of fabric. The tutorial requires you to make a pattern, but the rest is no-sew. Aren’t they cute?

New Balance Refashioned at Colle a roupa que chove