Make a Pleasant Blouse From a Vintage Men’s Shirt

Lex upcycled a vintage men’s shirt into this breezy peasant shirt! She describes it as “easy, so easy,” and she shows you exactly how to put it together. You can tailor it to fit you! Add whatever accent color on the sleeve you like … just be sure to wear it with cute shoes!

Peasant Blouse Refashion Tutorial at Made By Lex

Make A Cute Shirred Top From An Old Shirt

Have you ever been inspired by a great Pinterest pin? (Of course you have, you’re addicted like I am.) It happened to the talented owner of The Renegade Seamstress, and she created this cute shirred top from an oversized thrift store shirt. Check out her inspiration and her how-to-make it at the site!

Pin-spiration at The Renegade Seamstress

Turn a Men’s T-Shirt into a Cute Side-Gathered Top

Based on great response to a ‘what I wore Wednesday’ post that wasn’t a tutorial, Mandy accepted the challenge … and made an awesome tutorial for the same style shirt! She found the men’s t-shirt at the thrift shop, refashioning it into this cute side-gathered top. Get all the info at her site!

Side Gathered Shirt – Tutorial – men’s shirt refashion at Sugar Bee Crafts

20-Minute Flip-Flop Refashion!

This is a great and fast way to dress up your flip-flops! I did this with my girls a couple of years ago and we loved the dressy whimsy the fabric rosettes brought to our flip flops. Check out how I did it.

20-Minute Flip Flop Project at Tatertots and Jello

Neon Tee to Summer Dress — Fast!

Ready to be on-trend and try some neon? It’s easy to do with an inexpensive XL tee .. and a bit of sewing. Laura shows you how — with easy, step-by-step instructions. And look how cute her summer dress turned out! You could use it as a swim coverup too!

Neon T-Shirt Reconstruction at Can Can Dancer

$3 Sleeve to Sleeveless Blouse Refashion!!

You may have a shirt sitting in your closet that needs an update. Maybe it’s not fitted and you still love the print. Here’s an awesome refashion that takes a long-sleeved, baggy shirt and turns it into a fitted and trendy sleeveless blouse, and for $3!! Plus, I’m a sucker for anything polka-dotted.

Find out how to make this fabulous refashion at Extrapetite!


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Refashion Jeans Into Pastel Skinny Jeans!!

Amanda had a nice pair of dark flared jeans … that she turned into on-trend, skinny pastel jeans. Learn how she did it … and how you can, too. Don’t throw away: refashion!

Pink Skinny Jeans {a refashion} at The Little Giggler

Refashion Sheets Into Vintage-style Skirts!!

A vintage pattern is a vintage pattern — no matter what fabric you find it on! Amanda shows you how to make cute vintage-style skirts — made from vintage sheets! She offers step-by-step instructions and some great hints for finding vintage sheets — give it a try!

Upcycled Circle Skirt Tutorial at Ninth Street Notions


Make a Woman’s Bow Shirt from a Men’s Polo Shirt!

Lisa got a brand-new-but-never-worn polo shirt from her father-in-law … and with some ingenuity, seam picking and sewing, refashioned this cute striped top with a perfect bow collar.

We love it — and we can imagine this as both a long top and, if the shirt’s big enough, even a summer dress!

Men’s Polo To Woman’s Bow Shirt Refashion at Grey Luster Girl

Upcycled Tie Necklace

We love anything upcycled, and these are top on our list. What can you do with outdated ties? Maybe they’re too wide, too narrow, or you’re just tired of them. Or maybe you can get some great patterns from a thrift store tie. In any case, Aletha has made these stylish necklaces. You can make them subtle to complement a patterned top — or distinctive — as a signature piece.

Upcycled Tie Necklace Tutorial at artstar by Aletha