DIY peplum top

DIY peplum top

Ge feminine!!! Peplum tops are very trendy right now. This peplum was refashioned from a Men’s shirt. Love the pattern of the top and it doesn’t at all look like a mans top!

DIY peplum top from Cotton and Curls

One-Shoulder Ruffle Shirt From Long-Sleeve Tee


Jessica had a happy ending to the sad tale of having blown her budget on Christmas shopping and having nothing new to wear on New Year’s Eve. Instead of moping, she put her creativity to work and upcycled a long-sleeve t-shirt into a fun and festive, one-shoulder ruffle shirt. Check out the tutorial for the easy steps!

One Shoulder Ruffle Shirt – Upcycled for ME! at Me Sew Crazy

Create a Ruffled Shirt Placket

ruffled tuxedo placket shirt

I have been a victim of the “too high neckline” just like Melissa from I Still Love You. Rather than pulling at your collar and being uncomfortable, give the entire shirt an overhaul One of my favorite things about this shirt is that the ruffles are forgiving, so as you long as you sew them reasonably straight it still looks cute. And as Bob Barker would say, at $5 the price is right!

$5 Refashion: The Ruffled Tuxedo at I Still Love You

$1 Discount Tee to Ruffled Style Statement!

Here at Refashion Files we love to spotlight amazing fashion makeovers. And today we’d love to introduce you to a woman who has a knack for making over almost anything into something fabulous.

Meet Sachiko from Tea Rose Home.

Sachiko took a $1 clearance Fourth of July shirt and created a ruffled masterpiece.

See the complete Ruffled Shirt Tutorial at Tea Rose Home.