Scarf to Tank Top!


Jessica found this awesome tribal scarf — and turned it into a cute summer tank! She shows you how she modified her tank top pattern and adapted it to work with this scarf — and you can, too, with any scarf!

totally tribal fashion moment, and a scarf to tank top refashion at Domestic Bliss Squared

Shirt to Summer Scarf



There are many things to love about this refashion, but to us, not only is it a great project, but it hints at a greater refashion principle. If you like the fabric or pattern in something, you can make it into something that matches current styles or your new wardrobe — you can make something fresh!

That said, here’s an amazing how-to turning a skirt into a summer scarf from the super-talented Heather.

Skirt to Summer Scarf Refashion at Sew-Over-It

Scarf to Shorts Refashion

scarf to shorts refashion


Another fun tutorial using a scarf and creating clothing with it! Find a great print on a scarf you love and follow their directions to make a pair of Summer shorts! Chic, chic, chic!

Scarf to Shorts Refashion from A pair & a spare

Summer top from 2 scarves

diy summer top

Genius! I love a simple genius idea. She refashioner took 2 scarves and created 1 top. And what a cute, chic top it is! Lightweight and fun for Summer!

DIY Top from Scarves on Talk to the Trees

Make A Ruffle Scarf From a T-Shirt

DIY ruffle scarf

For those who have never met me in real life, I am a serial scarf wearer. Some might say a scarf is like my “binkie” or some sort of security blanket – and they might be right. I love wearing all different kinds from heavy to lightweight, and with the fall coming, this DIY ruffle scarf from Cheryl is perfect. She made it from a t-shirt, so the price is right (and the tutorial is very easy). Visit her to learn how she did it.

DIY Ruffle Scarf at That’s What {Che} Said