Vintage Shirt to Fall Infinity Scarf!


We still enjoy plaid in moderation — and this is the perfect way to enjoy it! Take that old plaid shirt — or any old shirt with a pattern you like — and turn it into an infinity scarf. Kristen shows you how easy it is to refashion — you can do it too in minutes!

Thrift Store Refashion: Fall Infinity Scarf! at It Comes Full Circle

Scarf to Tank Top!


Jessica found this awesome tribal scarf — and turned it into a cute summer tank! She shows you how she modified her tank top pattern and adapted it to work with this scarf — and you can, too, with any scarf!

totally tribal fashion moment, and a scarf to tank top refashion at Domestic Bliss Squared

Shirt to Summer Scarf



There are many things to love about this refashion, but to us, not only is it a great project, but it hints at a greater refashion principle. If you like the fabric or pattern in something, you can make it into something that matches current styles or your new wardrobe — you can make something fresh!

That said, here’s an amazing how-to turning a skirt into a summer scarf from the super-talented Heather.

Skirt to Summer Scarf Refashion at Sew-Over-It

Instant Refashion: Scarf to Vest!



This refashion is brilliant and easy — you just fold a scarf into a vest (check out the how-to in the post)! Bonus: you’ll find two more 3-minute refashions in the same post. Check out:

(re)Purposeful You-DIY accessory tricks at Elemental Lifestyle

Make a Breezy Summer Halter from a Scarf!

Tamara found her “go-to” top for the summer — by making this cute halter from a scarf! You might have a great scarf you could refashion just like she did — or you can find one thrifting. Check out her detailed, step-by-step directions for this great idea!

Easy Summer Halter at Etcetorize