Vintage Shirt to Fall Infinity Scarf!


We still enjoy plaid in moderation — and this is the perfect way to enjoy it! Take that old plaid shirt — or any old shirt with a pattern you like — and turn it into an infinity scarf. Kristen shows you how easy it is to refashion — you can do it too in minutes!

Thrift Store Refashion: Fall Infinity Scarf! at It Comes Full Circle

Sew a Striped Infinity Scarf

how-to-make-a-simple-scarf-infinityYou might think us crazy for posting a scarf – the weather is just about to get hot! But this is not any scarf, it’s a t-shirt scarf. On those cool summer evenings, you can wear one without being too hot . . . and just think of how cute you will look! This one particularly caught my eye because of the stripes, but obviously you can use any t-shirt that floats your boat. Even a printed one might look cool. Visit Shannon to get the simple tutorial.

The Easiest DIY T-Shirt Infinity Scarf at Madigan Made