DIY Rosette Flower Top

rosetter flower top


Think PINK!!! We’ve seen lots of tutorials for small rosettes on tops, cardigans, etc but not many that go large! And we love it! Ruffle up some fabric in a favorite color to create this statement t-shirt!

Large Rosette Flower Top from Ruffles and Stuff

Create a Ruffled Shirt Placket

ruffled tuxedo placket shirt

I have been a victim of the “too high neckline” just like Melissa from I Still Love You. Rather than pulling at your collar and being uncomfortable, give the entire shirt an overhaul One of my favorite things about this shirt is that the ruffles are forgiving, so as you long as you sew them reasonably straight it still looks cute. And as Bob Barker would say, at $5 the price is right!

$5 Refashion: The Ruffled Tuxedo at I Still Love You