DIY hula hoop fort

DIY hula hoop hideout fort reading


Call it a hideout, a fort, a reading nook or a teepee. This quick tutorial will have your kids so excited! A few supplies and and some bed sheets and you could transform their day!

DIY hula hoop fort from Alanna George – the Craft Nest

“Don’t Get Out of Bed” Pants — From Bed Linens!

Tamara had this brilliant idea for the days you just don’t want to get out of bed — so now you don’t have to! Using an existing favorite pair of lounge pants or yoga pants, Tamara’s downloadable PDF shows you exactly how to make a pair of “don’t get out of bed” pants from a set of bed linens … soft and comfy. We love this idea!

Don’t Get Out Of Bed at Ducky House