Vintage Shirt to Fall Infinity Scarf!


We still enjoy plaid in moderation — and this is the perfect way to enjoy it! Take that old plaid shirt — or any old shirt with a pattern you like — and turn it into an infinity scarf. Kristen shows you how easy it is to refashion — you can do it too in minutes!

Thrift Store Refashion: Fall Infinity Scarf! at It Comes Full Circle

2 shirts become a DRESS



1 Man Shirts and 1 Woman’s blouse become a darling girls DRESS! See how this project combines fun details from both. I love the layering this did!

Shirt Dress from Threading my Way

Turn a Top Into a Dress

refashioned top to dress

I’m not a big fan of Stevie Nicks wardrobe, and that’s what the shirt on the left reminds me of. Peasant blouses are comfy but a little dated, so it’s cool that Megan saw the potential in this top. She added a “rawr” bottom and turned it into a stylish dress, which is way cuter than I could have ever imagined to do with it! If you are wondering how, pay a visit to Meg to find out.

Refashion Tutorial – Top to Dress at Brassy Apple


Turn A Long Sleeve Shirt Into A Tank


This started as a long sleeve t-shirt – I can hardly believe it, because this striped fabric looks as though it was always meant to be a tank. I love the tutorial done by Jen because it’s very thorough, and you’ll be able to put together a tank of your very own in no time. Visit her to see how it was done.

Tutorial: Upcycled Striped Bow Tank at Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Rescue An Old Striped Shirt

If you ask me “Amy, should a striped shirt ever been given to the Goodwill?” you’ll get a quick answer. No – you should always refashion it! Jenn did just that and selected a nautical theme with her fun, bright red anchor that she attached to the front of the stripey shirt. The red edging on the neckline and armholes just makes it. Don’t you think?

Shirt Rescue at A Jennuine Life

Add Rainbow Polka Dots to Anything!

As you can tell by our challenge this month, we love rainbow! It looks especially fantastic on white an as an accent (you know, like Mork’s suspenders). We spotted this tutorial for jazzing up a white t-shirt with rainbow polka dots and had to share! Now it’s time to pull something out of your closet and add rainbow polka dots to it – just follow this tutorial.

DIY Polka Dot Pencil Eraser Shirt at Momtastic

$3 Sleeve to Sleeveless Blouse Refashion!!

You may have a shirt sitting in your closet that needs an update. Maybe it’s not fitted and you still love the print. Here’s an awesome refashion that takes a long-sleeved, baggy shirt and turns it into a fitted and trendy sleeveless blouse, and for $3!! Plus, I’m a sucker for anything polka-dotted.

Find out how to make this fabulous refashion at Extrapetite!


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Pretty Polka Dot Blouse From Man’s Shirt

men's shirt refashion

If you’ll always wondered how to take a man’s work shirt and turn it into a cute blouse, I’ve found the perfect tutorial for you. It’s very detailed, including the pleats (which I feel would be the hardest part of this garment). If you are ready for a challenge that results in an awesome top, take a peek at the tutorial below.

Men’s to Women’s Dress Shirt Refashion at Made By Me & Shared With You

Basket Weave a Shirt

basket weaving shirt refashion

I have been obsessed with this shirt since I first saw it. From the front, plain t-shirt – but from the back – amazing basket weave! Um, me want basket weave shirt! I actually spotted it on Pinterest and thought it would be difficult, but then clicked through and realized that it wasn’t so hard after all. I could do this with short sleeve as well! I think I’ve found my next refashion project.

Basket Weaving Old T-shirts at Trash to Couture

Anthropologie-Inspired Esplanade Halter Top

Jessica from Happy Together loves to craft, sew and crochet. She also loves Anthropologie for the beautiful clothing, but not their prices. She had her eye on The Esplanade Halter Top and decided to try her hand at refashioning a knock off version.

Jessica took a plain knit long-sleeved top and transformed into a stunning refashion. Be sure to read her tutorial at Happy Together and get the complete tutorial!