Camisole to “Neapolitan” Ombre Summer Dress


Check out this “neapolitan” summer dress! It’s a $1 thrift store find — a camisole — with an added tier. See just how it was done, and get inspired for your $1 summer wardrobe addition that’s unique to you!

Thrift Store Thursday: The Neopolitan Dream Frock at Grosgrain Fabulous

Girls’ Summer Dress Set from Women’s Dress!

heading[1]Pam’s summer dress for girls is an amazing refashion! Not only is it cute, but it includes accessories. Check out how she made this cute dress from a woman’s dress — and then repurposed an old shirt to help with the accessories and sash!

Dress Refashion at Threading My Way


90s Knit to Modern Sheath Dress!



Liz found a closet full of 90s-era, outdated clothes. Lucky for us, she was inspired and changed the cut of this dress — turning it into a summer-ready knit sheath dress! She shows you how she did it — now you can go closet digging, too!


Thrifted Dress to “Garden Party Chic” Dress


We love how Sally nailed the “Garden Party Chic” trend (hello, Gatsby) with this refashion! She took a very large dress from her local thrift shop and turned it into this breezy summer dress. She shows you just how she did it, and how you can, too! (She also won a competition with this great project — see below.)

Refashion Runway: Summer Dress at Charity Shop Chic


(Check out all the winners of this cool competition.)

Thrifted Top & Scrubs to Summery Dress!



We love the light and airy, stylish look of this dress. You won’t believe what it started out like before Jen worked it over (you have to see the post to believe it), but the thrifted top and scrub pants cost only 49 cents each! She walks you through how she did her makeover — check it out!

Refashion Runway Competition: Week Four – Summer Dress! at Diary of a Mad Mama

Girls Tshirt Dress

kids tshirt dress

I LOVE working with T-shirts! Here’s a fun way to create a knit dress with 2 t-shirts! Love the comfort and ease of the dress! and your girls will love it to!

Girls Tshirt Dress REfashion from Polka Dot Chair