Onesie to DRESS Refashion

onesie to dress refashion 2


Oh! If only I still had a “little” girl I would so be doing this tutorial! There are lots of darling onesies out there that they grow out of quickly! Extend their life (and their cuteness) by making them into a dress!

ONesie to girls DRESS refashion from Dana Made it

Girls’ Jeans to Shorts!

Little girls grow fast, and their cute jeans quickly become too short! Ros has a great solution for those too-short-but-they-still-fit jeans: turn them into cute shorts! She shows how to add the adorable waistband and edging … all while she’s in a Down Under winter and we’re enjoying summer in the northern hemisphere.

Shorts on the Line: Sew Delicious at Small + Friendly, feature from Sew Delicious