Summer Top from Old Cardigan!



We’ve all got a cardigan somewhere that’s just not quite right … but it’s so comfy we hate to part with it. Here’s an awesome way to refashion it — in under 30 minutes with your sewing machine. Check out Agy’s easy how-to!

Another Refashion – Upcycle Your Cardigan! at Green Issues by Agy

Sweater Pillows

diy sweater pillows


A great way to add texture, warmth and color if you like it is transforming sweaters into pillows! Those overly boxy, outdated or out of style pillows can have new life as you cozy up to them on the couch!

DIY Sweater Pillows  from Brassy Apple

Flared Sweater Refashion

Sachiko shows you how to make your sweater into a stylish, flared design. It’s easy, cute and stylish!

Tutorial ~ Sweater Refashion at  Tea Rose Home


Lightweight Sweater to Summer/Fall Cardigan!

Jen (not me, a different Jen!) found a lightweight sweater thrifting … and figured out how to make it into a cute summer (or Fall!) cardigan. She shows you exactly how you can do it, too, with step-by-step directions. Check it out!

(refashion) Summer Cardi at iCandy Handmade

Refashion Inspiration: Add Doily Pockets to a Cardigan!

Ready to brighten up a cardigan? Take inspiration from this Japanese catalog and simply sew doilies on as pockets! Check out more pictures and get inspired at the site.

Cawaii: It Goes In Happy Summer at Rakuten

Create A Little Girl’s Cardigan from a T-Shirt

This little girls’ cardigan is adorable, and as the creator Kalleen put it, it’s a perfect light sweater to take summer clothes into the fall! Kalleen did an amazing job refashioning a long-sleeve t-shirt into this cute cardigan. We love it because it looks surprisingly easy to do — and it opens up a range of colors for cute cardis, since it’s always easier to find more colors in t-shirts than in sweaters!

T-Shirt Cardigan at At Second Street