Casual Skirt from Baggy Sweatpants

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Admit it; we all have a baggy pair of sweatpants around the house that are too big! But Audie shows you how to turn those castoffs into a casual skirt that’s perfect for warm-weather lounging. It takes a few steps, but when you’re done you’ll have a cute and comfy skirt — complete with pockets! Since it’s at Instructables, you can expect a detailed, photo-illustrated step-by-step guide!

Refashion Sweatpants into a Cute Skirt at Instructables.

Make “Fancy Pocket” Shorts from Sweatpants!

Get a lot of hand-me downs that need a little bit of help? Kat has a great idea for making cute kids’ shorts — with fancy pockets — from hand-me-down sweatpants! Check out her easy tutorial.

Repurposed Sweatpants to Fancy Pocket Shorts Tutorial at Our Homespun Haven