Make A Ruffle Scarf From a T-Shirt

DIY ruffle scarf

For those who have never met me in real life, I am a serial scarf wearer. Some might say a scarf is like my “binkie” or some sort of security blanket – and they might be right. I love wearing all different kinds from heavy to lightweight, and with the fall coming, this DIY ruffle scarf from Cheryl is perfect. She made it from a t-shirt, so the price is right (and the tutorial is very easy). Visit her to learn how she did it.

DIY Ruffle Scarf at That’s What {Che} Said

Cardigan Vest for $1

refashioned cardigan

I’ve always wondered what I could wear with a cute, wide belt. I’ve felt that some of those dresses I see with belts aren’t quite my style and wouldn’t look good on me. I think I’ve finally found an option! Liz turned an old t-shirt into a cute cardigan vest, and she did it for less than $1. That wide belt and t-shirt looks smashing with it, and this vest is totally my style (AND I could even make it with the tutorial!). Visit Liz to find out how she did it.

Make Your Own Knit Cardigan Vest for $1 at Simple Simon & Co.

An Alternative to Screenprinting

ice cream applique tee

I don’t know about you, but I could dig quite a few t-shirts out of my giveaway pile – I have a lot of clothing that needs a new life! Carly did just that with her ice cream face t-shirt, and instead of using screenprinting she tried her hand at appliques. I love what she came up with – an ice cream fact perfect for kids, or the whimsical adult (like myself). Visit her to see how she did it. The process is much easier than you think!

Happy Ice Cream Face Applique Tee at Chic Steals

Mini Tee-Dress Refashion

It’s hard for me to think of t-shirts as dresses (probably because I wear them every day as I’m lounging around the house in my jammie bottoms). The truth is, t-shirts make the perfect dresses for little girls with some simple alternations. So root through your t-shirt drawer and see what you can find !

Mini Tee-Dress Refashion at I Still Love You

How to Cover Stains on a T-Shirt

covering stains on a t-shirt

I am guilty of being one of those persons who gets stains on their t-shirts. I’m kind of a piggie! But I love my t-shirts, and I have my favorites like everyone else, so I definitely don’t want to throw them away. This great idea shows you that you don’t have to – you can simply refashion using parts of other old t-shirts and strips of fabric! With a little sewing and ingenuity, you can have awesome t-shirts for nothing. Visit the tutorial below.

How to Stylishly Cover Stains on a Tee at Just Chic

Ruffle Top From T-Shirt

Sometimes wearing a plain t-shirt is . . . boring. I am a heavy t-shirt wearer, so I like when a regular t-shirt gets a little extra spicing up like what Meg did with her striped tee. She refashioned it by adding a tie and ruffles, and now it can go over a regular tee to make a very stylish outfit. What do you think?

Brassy Ruffle Top at Brassy Apple

Plain Shirt Gets a Fancy Bow

bow tee refashion

Most people don’t know how much I love bows on things – but, I really love bows. Can you believe this pretty shirt was made from a tee? It looks so upscale, and achieving this look isn’t difficult at all. Visit Michael Ann to see how it was done.

Bow Tee Refashion DIY at Michael Ann Made

Turn T-Shirts Into Totes!

t-shirt to tote bag refashion

Are you one of “those” farmer’s market people? Me too! We have a great local one, and everyone takes re-usable bags. I recycle plastic bags as often as I can, but I realize I need to take it a step further and bring my own bags! This is a great solution, because not only can I bring my own bag, but I don’t even have to buy it. Just make it from old t-shirts! Easy peasy. Get the tutorial below.

T-Shirt Tote Bag at Etectorize

Refashion Children’s T-Shirts Into Flowers

refashion children's t-shirts into flowers

This is a bit more unusual than the typical clothing refashion, but that is why we like it! If you have a bunch of children’s shirts that you don’t want to throw away (sentimental value), turn them into flowers! Maybe the child who wore the shirts is getting married – you can make them into a bouquet! You can also turn them into decor for your home or accents for other clothing. The sky’s the limit! Learn how it was done from Heather below.

Always in Bloom at The Sewing Loft

Add Rainbow Polka Dots to Anything!

As you can tell by our challenge this month, we love rainbow! It looks especially fantastic on white an as an accent (you know, like Mork’s suspenders). We spotted this tutorial for jazzing up a white t-shirt with rainbow polka dots and had to share! Now it’s time to pull something out of your closet and add rainbow polka dots to it – just follow this tutorial.

DIY Polka Dot Pencil Eraser Shirt at Momtastic