Maxi Dress from T-Shirt and Voile!


Oh! How we love Melissa’s maxi dress for her little girl! It’s perfectly summery, and an easy sewing project (she shows you how). And while you’re there, don’t miss her other t-shirt maxi dress refashion!

Tutorial: Summer Maxi Dress, t-shirt refashion at Polka Dot Chair

DIY Chevron Striped Dress

DIY chevron girls dress


If you are going to sport the STRIPES why not throw in a little chevron too!!! This Refashion is a genius combination of 2 tshirts and a few cuts!

DIY girls Chevron Striped Dress from Grey Luster Girl

DIY kids Betsy Ross Dress

DIY betsy ross dress


From a thrifted mans tshirt to this DARLING red white and blue frilly dress! Perfect for your little ones!

DIY Betsy Ross Dress from Melly Sews