Plain Shirt Gets a Fancy Bow

bow tee refashion

Most people don’t know how much I love bows on things – but, I really love bows. Can you believe this pretty shirt was made from a tee? It looks so upscale, and achieving this look isn’t difficult at all. Visit Michael Ann to see how it was done.

Bow Tee Refashion DIY at Michael Ann Made

Turn T-Shirts Into Totes!

t-shirt to tote bag refashion

Are you one of “those” farmer’s market people? Me too! We have a great local one, and everyone takes re-usable bags. I recycle plastic bags as often as I can, but I realize I need to take it a step further and bring my own bags! This is a great solution, because not only can I bring my own bag, but I don’t even have to buy it. Just make it from old t-shirts! Easy peasy. Get the tutorial below.

T-Shirt Tote Bag at Etectorize

Refashion Children’s T-Shirts Into Flowers

refashion children's t-shirts into flowers

This is a bit more unusual than the typical clothing refashion, but that is why we like it! If you have a bunch of children’s shirts that you don’t want to throw away (sentimental value), turn them into flowers! Maybe the child who wore the shirts is getting married – you can make them into a bouquet! You can also turn them into decor for your home or accents for other clothing. The sky’s the limit! Learn how it was done from Heather below.

Always in Bloom at The Sewing Loft

Add Rainbow Polka Dots to Anything!

As you can tell by our challenge this month, we love rainbow! It looks especially fantastic on white an as an accent (you know, like Mork’s suspenders). We spotted this tutorial for jazzing up a white t-shirt with rainbow polka dots and had to share! Now it’s time to pull something out of your closet and add rainbow polka dots to it – just follow this tutorial.

DIY Polka Dot Pencil Eraser Shirt at Momtastic

Make a Cascading Ruffle Skirt from Old T-Shirts!!


Got old knit t-shirts? Or some favorite knit fabric? Check out Wee Share’s super cute idea for making little girls’ cascading ruffle skirts in fun colors — perfect for girls who love girly, twirly skirts.

The Cascading Ruffle Skirt at Wee Share


Basket Weave a Shirt

basket weaving shirt refashion

I have been obsessed with this shirt since I first saw it. From the front, plain t-shirt – but from the back – amazing basket weave! Um, me want basket weave shirt! I actually spotted it on Pinterest and thought it would be difficult, but then clicked through and realized that it wasn’t so hard after all. I could do this with short sleeve as well! I think I’ve found my next refashion project.

Basket Weaving Old T-shirts at Trash to Couture

Floaty Clouds T-Shirt Refashion

floaty clouds top refashion

I’ve always been amazed that you can cut the sleeves off a t-shirt and it doesn’t fall apart (unravel). I know, that’s kind of funny, but it’s true! This t-shirt was cut into a tank and then embroidered to make floaty clouds, which gives it a unique and funky look that I just love. Visit the tutorial to see how it was done!

Make Your Own “Floaty Clouds” Top at Drummbellina

Make a Jersey Necklace From a T-Shirt!!

This is a standout refashion idea — it’s not just making clothes different — or making one kind of clothes into another kind of clothes. It’s making jewelry from clothes. And they’re fun, easy to do, you can make them in any color you like — and Melissa shows you how to do it. Plus — washable jewelry!

T-Shirt Refashion: Jersey Necklace at I Still Love You

Refashion a Shirt Into a Vest

Dip-dyeing is huge in fashion right now – but what if you find a dip-dyed shirt at the thrift store that isn’t “quite” what you had in mind? That is exactly what happened to Kasey, so she turned the dip-dyed shirt into a fashionable vest. It’s fun, funky and would look fabulous with a white t-shirt. Goodbye to the rhinestone trim and hello to a unique clothing piece!

Refashion Shirt Into Vest at My Life on the Divide

Create a Ruffled Shirt Placket

ruffled tuxedo placket shirt

I have been a victim of the “too high neckline” just like Melissa from I Still Love You. Rather than pulling at your collar and being uncomfortable, give the entire shirt an overhaul One of my favorite things about this shirt is that the ruffles are forgiving, so as you long as you sew them reasonably straight it still looks cute. And as Bob Barker would say, at $5 the price is right!

$5 Refashion: The Ruffled Tuxedo at I Still Love You