Recycle Cherished T-Shirts into a Quilt!

T-Shirt Quilt


Kim’s idea is brilliant: recycle loved t-shirts — maybe from one of your kids or your husband — into a cute quilt. She walks you through how she did it, and what pitfalls to watch out for!

T-Shirt Quilt Completed! at Cheap Chic Home

Make Fabric Flowers from Old T-Shirts!




Does your husband have a lot of old t-shirts he won’t part with … but could be great colors for some home decor? Jennifer’s does, and she shows you how to make fabric flowers from those old tees — and use them as accents on throw pillows, or anything you can imagine!

How to Make Fabric Flowers from Old T-Shirts
at Delightfully Noted

Make Custom T-Shirts With Inexpensive Stencils!

Natalie, a home-schooling mom (and so much more!), wanted to make a back-to-school wardrobe for her kids — and make them just what they wanted! So with a “grundle” of dollar-store tees (like 20-30!), she broke out the freezer paper, her Silhouette (you could use a hobby knife), and the fabric paint … to make these super cool and super custom tees! Learn how you can do it too!

Back to School Wardrobe on a Budget! at Doodle Craft

Make a Cascading Ruffle Skirt from Old T-Shirts!!


Got old knit t-shirts? Or some favorite knit fabric? Check out Wee Share’s super cute idea for making little girls’ cascading ruffle skirts in fun colors — perfect for girls who love girly, twirly skirts.

The Cascading Ruffle Skirt at Wee Share


Create a Flower Bouquet Keepsake From Your Child’s Favorite T-Shirts!

When kids outgrow t-shirts it can be hard to want to get rid of them! But Heather came up with a brilliant idea for turning them into a cotton flower bouquet keepsake! Check out the link for her summary and detailed instructions!

{How To} Always in Bloom at  The Sewing Loft