Tank top to dress Refashion

tank to dress refashion


Perfect dress for Summer! A tank top and a little fabric and you too can have a high waisted dress that’s comfortable and chic!

Tank top to Dress Refashion from Talk 2 Trees

DIY Faux necklace tank top

faux necklace diy tank top


Girls of all ages can sport some 4th of July “bling” with this faux technique! Plus ruffles and appliques for a unique look!

DIY Faux Necklace top – A Couple of Craft Addicts

Turn A Long Sleeve Shirt Into A Tank


This started as a long sleeve t-shirt – I can hardly believe it, because this striped fabric looks as though it was always meant to be a tank. I love the tutorial done by Jen because it’s very thorough, and you’ll be able to put together a tank of your very own in no time. Visit her to see how it was done.

Tutorial: Upcycled Striped Bow Tank at Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Vintage Shirt Refashion

beautiful shirt refashion

I find this refashion to be impressive for so many reasons. It uses an old silk blouse and an old white shirt that you wouldn’t even recognize, and it also uses a German pattern magazine from the 1940s. Combine those things together and you have a beautiful vintage shirt. So unique, so lovely. AND it looks great with jeans! Count me in.

Original Vintage Refashion at Of Dreams and Seams

Long Sleeve to Sassy Ruffle Tank

refashioned tank top

Summer is coming quickly, so I am eyeballing my pile of long sleeve t-shirts to figure out how to get rid of some of the old ones. This great idea not only removes the sleeves but also adds a fancy ruffle to the front! Can’t wait to make one for myself and swing my ruffles around like I own the place. Try it for yourself by following the simple tutorial.

Shirt Refashion at Young and Crafty

Designer Inspired Nautical Tank

nautical tank refashion

Plain tank tops aren’t hard to come by, especially at great prices. If you have some scrap fabric in your stash, you can easily makeover a tank into a designer-inspired find, just like Ali did. Her tank is make to look like one found at THE best clothing store in the world – and you won’t believe how easy it was to pull together.

Nautical Inspired Shirt Refashion at Ali Foster Patterns