Thrifted Top & Scrubs to Summery Dress!



We love the light and airy, stylish look of this dress. You won’t believe what it started out like before Jen worked it over (you have to see the post to believe it), but the thrifted top and scrub pants cost only 49 cents each! She walks you through how she did her makeover — check it out!

Refashion Runway Competition: Week Four – Summer Dress! at Diary of a Mad Mama

DIY Women’s Dress Refashion

diy trench dress refashion

From a dress that might have been to hot for the season to something that is spot on chic! Just takes a few snips to update the look!

DIY Trench dress Refashion from My Little Secrets

Thrifted Blouse to Summer Sleeveless Top!



Jessica found a thrifted blouse — dated, out of style and oddly sized — and turned it into this cute sleeveless top! She shows you what she found, the pattern she used, and shows off the spectacular final product! You could adapt this idea to any kind of thrifted item with a great pattern — for women or girls!
DIY: Refashioned Paisley Blouse at What I Wore