Refashioned dress

refashioned dress


A whole refashioned ensemble! This is a knockoff that gives you the instructions for the skirt and the ruffled top. Get creative and bust that refashioned stash pile with this tutorial!

Refashioned dress from So you think you’re crafty!

Hats from T-shirts refashion

tshirt hat refashion


Let’s hear it for the boy! Kids grow so quickly so why not refashion their clothes for other uses!? This tutorial is genius for creating tshirts into hats! Plus the added extras she included really sets them apart!

DIY boys upcycled HAT from I am Momma Hear me ROAR

Make Fabric Flowers from Old T-Shirts!




Does your husband have a lot of old t-shirts he won’t part with … but could be great colors for some home decor? Jennifer’s does, and she shows you how to make fabric flowers from those old tees — and use them as accents on throw pillows, or anything you can imagine!

How to Make Fabric Flowers from Old T-Shirts
at Delightfully Noted

Rolled Rosette Pillow – From Tshirts!

rolled rosette pillow

A stack of unused t-shirts and a little dye and you can transform a pillow! Layer on the floral lovely this season and show off your creative side! this of keeping it all one color or mixing in a favorite color combination. Ooooh! Or what about an ombre effect..?

Rolled Rosette Pillow by Craft Goodies