Simple T-Shirt to Cardigan

refashion a t-shirt to a sweater

I’m one of those women that doesn’t get cold very often, especially in the summer – I’m frequently burning up! There are those rare occasions (cold front, movie theater) where I need a bit of sweater but don’t want anything bulky. That is where the t-shirt cardigan comes in! Get the cool feel and breathability of cotton with the cardigan action of a regular sweater. Any cotton t-shirt will do, and you can make several of these for hardly any money. I also love the floral accents on the lapel. How pretty!

T-Shirt to Cardigan at Keeping It Simple

Tales of a Sixth Grade Cardigan

refashioned cardigan

I have socks that have been in my drawer since age 15, so I totally understand keeping something around for sentimental value. I also understand another reason why Jamie would keep this around – because it has ORANGE STRIPES. This cardigan actually started out as a shirt, and Jamie trimmed it up and added a cute little button. It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you’ve never done it before!

Make An Awesome Cardigan Out of a Shirt at Easily Dunn