UPcycled Kids t-shirt and shorts



Kids grow so fast and this blogger has made the most of her scraps! See what you can do to create a whole new outfit too!

Upcycled Kids T-shirt and Shorts from Melly Sews

Color Block Tees from Two Tees!!



Jen found a great way to create an on-trend color-block tee from two inexpensive tees. It’s easy and pretty quick — check out the article for complete instructions!

CRAFT: Color Block Tee at Eat Sleep Make


From T-Shirt to Drawers (Not the Chest Kind)

refashioned underwear

I know you were thinking, “Amy, there is no way to make underwear from anything other than underwear material.” Well – I thought so too – but it isn’t true! You can make bottoms from a t-shirt, and guess what my favorite part is? You can put the t-shirt message right on the bum! Sure brings new meaning to “My mom went to Disneyland and all she got me was this lousy t-shirt,” doesn’t it?

One Change T-Shirt Refashion at Etcetorize

$1 Discount Tee to Ruffled Style Statement!

Here at Refashion Files we love to spotlight amazing fashion makeovers. And today we’d love to introduce you to a woman who has a knack for making over almost anything into something fabulous.

Meet Sachiko from Tea Rose Home.

Sachiko took a $1 clearance Fourth of July shirt and created a ruffled masterpiece.

See the complete Ruffled Shirt Tutorial at Tea Rose Home.