Turn a Top Into a Dress

refashioned top to dress

I’m not a big fan of Stevie Nicks wardrobe, and that’s what the shirt on the left reminds me of. Peasant blouses are comfy but a little dated, so it’s cool that Megan saw the potential in this top. She added a “rawr” bottom and turned it into a stylish dress, which is way cuter than I could have ever imagined to do with it! If you are wondering how, pay a visit to Meg to find out.

Refashion Tutorial – Top to Dress at Brassy Apple


Turn A Long Sleeve Shirt Into A Tank


This started as a long sleeve t-shirt – I can hardly believe it, because this striped fabric looks as though it was always meant to be a tank. I love the tutorial done by Jen because it’s very thorough, and you’ll be able to put together a tank of your very own in no time. Visit her to see how it was done.

Tutorial: Upcycled Striped Bow Tank at Monkey See, Monkey Do!