DIY Minion Costume

diy minion costume


This is certainly to make a comeback this Halloween Season with the second movie this past Summer. And pretty easy right now that someone has broken it down and made it doable! I just might try to convince my boys to be matching Minions!

DIY Minion Costume from Coolest Homemade Costumes

Upcycled Astronaut Costume

  From a jumpsuit to an astronaut costume! How did she do that? With the help of some DUCT TAPE! A great refashion for boys this Halloween! DIY Astronaut Costume from Stitch/Craft

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DIY Hedgehog Costume

Isn’t this darling!!??? I love the creative-out of the norm- costumes! and this is ONE of those! From a fleece jumpsuit to a perfect cute and warm costume! DIY hedgehog costume from The Train to Crazy

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Kids Viking Costume

  My boys have been vikings before but I think their costumes would have come together a bit easier if I’d thought of THIS Refashion! Want to know the secret??? It’s so cool……from toilet seats cover to this costume! YES!!! You HAVE to pop over to the tutorial to see!! DIY viking costume refashion from […]

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Kids Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

  Refashion some items you already have one hand! An umbrella becomes a cute and unique costume play off of a familiar phrase! It’s Raining Cats and dogs! You are sure to get lots of compliments for the creativity of the idea! Kids Raining Cats and Dogs Costume from Real Simple

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DIY Mummy Costume

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DIY Octopus costume for baby

  Baby is sure to get lots of Halloween attention in this Octopus costume! Comfortable and function and created from SOCKS! DIY Octopus Costume from Mom Inc Daily

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Vintage Shirt to Fall Infinity Scarf!

We still enjoy plaid in moderation — and this is the perfect way to enjoy it! Take that old plaid shirt — or any old shirt with a pattern you like — and turn it into an infinity scarf. Kristen shows you how easy it is to refashion — you can do it too in […]

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DIY Skeleton Costume

I think we’ve all seen a few different ways to create a skeleton costume but PAINT was a new one to me! Love the use of freezer paper stencils and some comfy (and warm) sweats to create this look! DIY Skeleton Costume from Instructables

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DIY girls Cat costume

  This costume gets refashioned from a hooded sweater vest!!! I love that it’s not your traditional black cat look! It’s a fun way to be different! DIY girls Cat Costume from OakRose Mama

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